When you’re creating written copy for end users, you’re not only wanting to create engagement from your reader, but also build a degree of loyalty. You want the person reading your content to be able to relate to what you’re harping on about. To build that engagement you make your copy interesting to the target audience. You have to make it engaging, easy to read, stimulating, generally quite up beat. And at the end of all of this you want them to have bought in to whatever you are selling. You need them to believe and have faith in what you are selling.

The other thing you should consider is that you are talking to the general public; the consumer, the person that is actually going to (hopefully) buy your product for their own consumption. Here lies the difference, when you are writing to other businesses, you are in some ways preaching to the converted and in other ways to the more cynical. Business savvy purchasers may not be taken in by the usual tactics that can be employed on the consumer. I’m not suggesting that the consumer is stupid – far from it! In today’s tech heavy world, with comparison websites, google shopping etc, consumers are the kings of the shopping cart. But you need to treat business buyers a little differently.

  1. Get to the Point! – Business customers are’t too worried about the journey – how you got there. They will want to know the facts and how well they are going to be able to sell this on to their customers. If you started off with five paragraphs, try and cut it down to three.
  2. Who are you targeting? – Think about it. If you product is going to need to go to the man in charge, the man with the wallet, you made need to change your tune; make it a little more professional, less playful, but not dull!
  3. Don’t spread your content too thin. Think about it. If someone is reading your copy, it’s because the they’ve been brought here by search optimisation and specific keywords. If you’re writing about protective clothing, the chances are, the reader is there by choice. You don’t need to build a background story about him important safety is. Focus on how important YOUR safety clothing is.
  4. Make your content relevant. – There’s nothing more annoying than find the product that you might be interested in and then having to scour the page to get the info you actually need. If you don’t have prices on the page, make it effortless for them to get in touch for a price. If you make it hard, you’ll loose them really quickly.
  5. Make the content easy to print and share. The buyer may well have to get approval from his/her boss. If it’s too much bother to share then the next google result will work just as well.
  6. If you have a USP, namely something that your competitors don’t have, make sure you make it clear as day. This is what will set you apart from them and hopefully get you the sale. Just remember, the USP doesn’t have to be something about the product itself, it maybe that your website is really simple and use making it easier for the buyer to … Buy!