The Office Exhibition

The Office exhibition: Dubai

In the design of this exhibition stand I had to come up with something that would look amazing on the day of the expo, but also be able to be broken down and used in future circumstances such as showrooms and maybe other exhibitions.

Working with an exhibition company in Dubai, I designed a modular system that contained six different modules, each powered individually and all free standing. I had to incorporate two corner sections in order to give the display a finished look. When all the modules were placed together, this created a useful storage space to be used by the sales people for samples and literature.  Each free standing modular section contains two removable sections which can be modified or replaced if needed.

The rest of the stand was designed in order to create a space for impromptu meetings and presentations. The Large TV showed an compilation of product videos and a company overview.

On the first day of the exhibition, the organisers decided to move the stand to the opposite side, therefore changing the orientation of the stand. Fortunately, due to the nature of the design this wasn’t a problem!