Project:London Showroom

Office Electrics London Showroom: Clerkenwell

After managing to acquire a smaller more approachable location for their showroom, Office Electrics asked my to completely re-design the space. The proposed showroom was quite small, but had two floors: the ground floor and the basement. The ground floor had two sides populated with windows, a small kitchen and blank walls with pillars. The stairs to the basement were located in the middle of the showroom.

Unlike furniture showrooms, Office Electrics really needed to show their products in application to demonstrate their unique USPs. In order to do this we designed a number of desks with large rectangular cutouts which could accommodate inserts which held the different OE products. The best way to display the inserts was to have them hanging on the walls above the display desks.

In order to try and understand what would be the best design for the showroom, I conducted extensive interviews with the London account managers. I discovered that they required a balance between style and functionality. Since the majority of their customers were the furniture industry the style needed to be of a similar standard i.e. High!

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