project: company video

The Company end of year video

The video was originally conceived to give customers and partners an idea of what a day in the life was like at OE Electrics. All the filming was done by my colleague and then cut together by myself.

Unfortunately, the company went through a complete rename and re-brand meaning the names on the company shirts were wrong. However, the video was so well received internally that we decided to make it public.

The video had a positive effect on not only clients and partners, but also staff. When staff of all levels watched the video there were always several smiles raised and even a few laughs. People said they felt a sense of pride watching the video and hadn’t realised how much they enjoyed working for the company. We also found that the video was encouraging people to come and work for the company.

It was also very well received by customers to the point that a few new long term contracts were initiated. To paraphrase one company: “you’re the sort of company we want to work with”, and “I wish out company was like yours”.

Having started as a small project, the video turned into something to inspire staff and customers alike. What was interesting about this, was that there were no products featured. All the positive values taken from the video were from the personality and culture of the staff at OE. Customers wanted to invest in the company, not just because of it’s products but it’s character.