How to engage customers on my website

So you’ve got a pretty decent website – lots of nice images, easy to navigate, keywords all sorted along with your search optimisation, and you don’t do half bad on Google search. In fact the numbers of people arriving at your site are pretty impressive. What’s the problem? The problem is people aren’t buying. Looking at your web stats on Google Analytics, people are barely getting past the home page. They’re not even seeing your awesome products let along buying them!

It’s annoying and it happens to hundreds of sites. With the abundance of great web designers producing great websites exactly to the clients spec, the problem doesn’t lie with the initial design of the website itself. The problem lies with the content and unfortunately that your problem. A designer can only go so far, clients often forget that the designer cannot fill the site with content without your help. You know your product better than anyone else and it’s up to you to put that know how on to the page.

Engaging visitors is the single most important aspect of a website after SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

-But can’t they tell where to find the products? I tested this navigation – it couldn’t be simpler!

We live in a ‘now’ world and people have thousands of visual inputs everyday, switching from phone to tablet to desktop, back to phone. Every second is counted and if you don’t engage with your visitor in the first couple of seconds they’ve gone.

-But my site sells trainers. There is a great image of a pretty girl wearing trainers on the home page with a link to – wait for it… more trainers, what could be simpler? Do I need to hold their hands as well?

Well in some respects…Yes.

People are simple souls really. They’re also a little bit lazy! If they don’t don’t see something on the site that sparks their interest and initiates an action straight away, you may lose them forever.

If you have ever been to see a stage hypnotist, at the very beginning of his performance, or maybe just before he will tell the audience to do something – like put up your left hand, pat your head. He watches very carefully for the people that immediately act on his request. They are doing what you’re told before they’ve even been hypnotised! Imagine how responsive they will be under his evil spell. (i’m sure most hypnotists aren’t evil… but really what sort of person makes fun of people on stage for a living?)

Most people like to be told what to do. It makes our lives easier. Everyday we have to make hundreds of decisions; this way, that way. This drink that drink, odd socks socks that match. It’s exhausting! So when someone tells us to do something and we have no choice but to do it, although we may say we don’t like being ordered about, secretly it’s just made our life that little bit easier.

More on this later…