Project: Eco2Boost company website and branding

Eco2boost is a young company offering a great solution for cleaning and maintaining central heating systems. The company required some brand identity, a website, stationary and literature.

I designed the website in Joomla, as at they required a mature solid framework website and one that could be updated by members of their staff, rather than me. Joomla is a solid business capable CMS (content managed site) which had all the requirements needed for such a site.

The website is responsive and mobile friendly, easy to navigate and with a clean simple look to reflect the product.

I also designed a comprehensive brochure to support the online presence. this required working closely with the client and dealing with a lot of technical information. It was important to keep the brochure in plain english so as to make it easily understandable by everyone who read it. I produced accompanying graphics to further illustrate the product.