At what point do we decide to trust a company?

Is it based on reviews, on hearsay? Is it just based on their website?, their marketing literature? I’ve seen an example where a colleague was looking at two companies, neither of which we had ever used before. Like most the first point of reference is their websites.

The First company had a very mediocre site. One that obviously hadn’t been updated for a while and was a very old style; functional, but lacking in style. There was no online form, but there was an email address and a telephone number.

The second company had a lovely looking website; very new and shiny. It was pretty functional as well and made it very easy to send a message.

The second company looked immediately more trustworthy. This deduction was entirely based on the quality of their website. We hadn’t even read any of the content on either site.

In today’s world, it is essential to gain whatever trust/faith you can in the first few seconds. Don’t make people work for it – hand it out  on a plate!