7 ways to improve website engagement

Don’t Patronise, or threaten.

It used to be the way, that websites, just like emails, phone calls and certain car sales people would start off the conversation with presuming they knew you and what you wanted. Those old cliched ‘buzz’ words. ‘Get it now’ ‘One time offer!’ etc etc. But now people run a mile when they see things like this. So bombarded are they with advertising that given the chance they won’t go anywhere near it. People like a good offer, but only if it really is good and only if it’s genuine. There is so much choice out there now that people can quite happily walk away from a one time offer, because their will more than likely be another one time offer from someone else next week. Plus, no one likes being put on the spot.

Give them something to click

When people arrive at the website after getting their from Google, you have very little time to convince them to stay. If they got there because of your clever SEO techniques, then make sure there is something on that page that will connect that original search to your page. If they searched for trainer, but you have socks they’re not going to hang around.

Give them something for FREE.

But don’t make them pay for it by signing up to your mailing list. not to say you shouldn’t encourage them to sign up, but forcing them to signup could scare them off and just end up annoying them. Make your free thing worthwhile and then maybe say if they sign up they could get further free stuff.

Make your photography great!

A lot of good/great websites look good because of the photography. I’ve seen people pick a great looking WordPress theme and use if for their own site. But when they come to actually use it, their site looks no where near as cool as the demo site. You can pretty much guarantee it’s all down to the photography. Go and get some nice shots from a free stock photography site. Unsplash has some wonderful images and there are many more out there. Make them relevant though!

Don’t witter on!

I know it can be tempting when you have a point to make to go on a bit to really get to the bottom of it. Don’t! Your visitor hasn’t got time to shovel through all your shit just to find out something they already know. Keep it short and direct, make sure they know they’re on the right path.

Get rid of the clutter

Make sure your visitor knows what to look at when they reach your home page – or any page for that matter. There is a great mantra to which all web designers should adhere to: Don’t make me think! Your visitor shouldn’t have to think when they arrive at any of your pages. Remember we live in a now culture – NO Time Wasters – Please!

Be upfront and honest

People like reading about other people. If it the website of a small company, or a personal blog, let them know who you are. And noe of this sales pitch rubbish either, just an honest down to earth story. But keep it short, they don’t want your life story.